Friends cut!


Hey guys. I've unfriended everyone because I had too many people to go through one by one... and only know about 80% of them - If you would like to be re-added, please comment here with why and with what filter you'd like to be in. I have a doll filter and a personal life filter.

The doll filter is open for everyone. You can find my doll shoots on DoA too.

The personal life filter is not open to just anyone, and please do not feel offended if I do not add you.

Please keep in mind that I do not comment a lot, but I read everything. Might take me a few days, but I do. So if you like your online friends to comment often, do not add me because it won't happen. On the same side of the token, I do not mind if you do not comment.

Not willing to talk about it, so please don't ask why I'm doing this cut, or why I've left DA. It's very personal and necessary, please respect my decisions. My online presence is for me to decide, afterall, and if I'm no longer enjoying it there's no point.
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Okay, so I would really like to have some extra cash floating around, and I have extra bits floating around, so I figure why not turn one into the other.

Shipping is not included. It's $8 for wigs overseas (airmail), and $4 in Australia (normal post). The horns will be about $12 because I'll ship them in a box. Wigs will be flatpacked because it's too expensive to ship them in boxes.

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And I think that's it for the moment. hiritai@gmail.com if you're interested! ^^ Thanks guys!


This isn't finished and I'm kind of just writing it because I can't draw it lol. It's unedited and kind of just a ramble. ANYWAY.

Warning for prejudice against Superman.

The Ortaran are somewhat based on Kryptonian. Hayden was made to be some kind of Superman character, but with far less obligation and/or sympathy, as he belives Earth does not deserve it. Which is where the hatred for Superman comes from.

Reuben is the son of Hayden and Imja. Imja is like a demi goddess, and a Sidian, and like Logan (who is also Sidian) she has impervious skin and is pretty much invincible. They do not feel pain the same way we do and so getting into a fight with a Sidian, unless you're a Sidian too, is a bad idea.

Reuben could be regarded as my Franklin Richards.

And Ryan is an incubus and a doctor to the supernatural. Hayden and Ryan and good friends.


Ryan's nerves got the better of him. The thundering whip of helicoptor blades felt as though it would tear the roof from his appartment if he continued to ignore it, and so he'd made his way to the streets below. His bare feet slapped the concrete stairs as he skidded down them, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever had happened before it was gone.

The streets were crowded with people, and at first he thought it was a riot. Fear, excitment, worry, and happiness were all on display, and the confusion was thick and infectious. Eyes stuck, and each reaction was simultaneously the same reaction but on a different face.

It appeared as though a spaceship had landed on the Spencer Street Bridge.

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I walk over this bridge nearly ever day with a giggle and think 'HURHUR SPACESHIP.'


Last night I moved stuff around and dressed a few dolls, and put Hayden back on his body. I'm excited to finally be getting Dak's body after nearly three months and so Dak is back to being a floating head while he waits just a few more days. I like to have everyone all dressed and standing around like this XD

All the dolls in the house atm. Min, Eiji, Sho, Mes, Logan, Nacho, Vin ,Hayden, Reuben, Imja, Ruok, Karsa, Oscar, Misha. Dak and Aiolos at the bottom as heads. SOON, DAK. Not in the house are Jave and big!Reuben, and Dak's body. Min, Sho, Mes, and Aiolos arebluemana 's dolls. Poor kiddies don't get much attention these days but she still has 'em in the back of her mind. 

Eiji's so short.

And so now I only have 1 floating head; big!Reuben, my Lumedoll Keid Ara. I'm not sure what body he'll have. I guess I'll wait and see.
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I love you.

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.


SD wigs for sale!

I buy a lot of wigs I don't end up using. I have two incoming dolls that do not have hair or eyes. Need funds! D:

Prices are in USD and do not include shipping.

Shipping within Australia is $2 (long wigs are $4) and shipping outside is $8. Wigs will be flat packed to save on costs; if you would likea  box please tell me and I will give you a quote. I can accept paypal and do not charge fees.

Imja is my gracious model for today.

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*skulks around the house*

On another note, aren't Imja's new eyes pretty? *-* I might keep them like this, I originally just bought them because I liked them lol.

FS: Unoa Lusis

I'm just gonna copy paste this everywhere because I'm late for my bedtime :<

  1. Country you are located: Australia
  2. Description of item(s) - Unoa Lusis 1.5 with the small bust part. Her eyes have been widened and her lips reshaped slightly. She has a faceup as pictured, done by me with acrylics and pastels, and her torso, hands, and feet have been blushed by me, as well as a full body coat of MSC. Not included are her eye mechanism, or her teeth part. She will be shipped with everything pictured - eyes, clothes, and wig. She has small nicks on her back and foot; I can provide pics on request. The blushing has also scratched on her chest, it is in the pictures. Otherwise she is in perfect condition. She will be shipped in her lusis box.
  3. Price (and currency): $860 USD + shipping. I would accept partial trades/trades for an L-bi madoromi faceplate, Tan Migidoll Ryu head (or full), Soom Afi, Soom Amber head. I could be flexible, PM me and ask ^^ I generally dont' like girl dolls or tinies, but eh XD
  4. Willing to Split + split prices?: No splits.
  5. Methods of payment accepted? Paypal, and bank desposit for Australians
  6. Layaway options? Half now and half in a month, no longer.
  7. Shipping method options? EMS only for international. Registered post within Australia.
  8. Seller will ship within (timeframe) after receiving full payment? Next business day.
  9. Your feedback thread Mrrrg I'll add it later. Search hiritai.
  10. Pictures or link to your ebay action

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Okay, so.

This doesn't happen to many people, but I am now in the possession... of a spare unoa.

At this point I'm thinking of doing her up as something a bit cuter and trying to sell her as a fullset, but before I do I want to know if there's anyone who is interested in just the body? I know finding on can be a shit and so I figure I'd ask. It'd be $600 including shipping, so like, $550 within Australia (go go expensive EMS!). It's small bust, I can give pics if you want. Blah blah blah. I want to say I can do layaway but I'm not keen on it.

I would trade it/her for a white skin IH JID Ryan <3

If not, she'll go up as a fullset when I can be bothered. I could use the money, I guess. Ruok does need a Jave, and my Eurotrip does need funds.
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