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Just a quick note ^^

So, a bit of news... Due to my state of illness (I don't want to call it anything until the specialist gives it the GO GO GADGET DIAGNOSIS) I'm in Adelaide until the 4th of June, and I'll be moving here for a few months mid-July.

I don't know how long I'll be, plan is to get better and do some kind of makeup course and then be back to Melbourne. I don't know how long that will take, but I'm aiming for the start of next year.

It's a shit and I am really not feeling great about it. BUT... It's necessary, I can't afford to live by myself since I've lost my job due to said illness. I'm turning it into something I can work with. It's a chance to build things up without having to worry about rent and bills. I've been financially whipped and by fucking god I am never treating money that way again. My parents are really helping me and this is what I need most, regardless of what I'm missing or wishing for.

I really want to have some kind of goodbye dinner or lunch or something so I can see everyone before I go. If you guys are cool with that I can try and pick a date and place (it'll probably be vegetarian/vegan since I can't eat most stuff on a typical menu, and I know there are people who would appreciate that option too)
Anyone is welcome so long as I know you and all that jazz. It's not forever, but I'm not 100% sure when I'll be back.

So let me know if you're up for it. It'll be some time after the 4th of June. i'm happy to do several meetups if people can't make it. I love you guys and can't bear the thought of not saying something before I go, even if I've been pretty absent.

As for livejournal, I probably won't post here much. I'll keep it open obviously, years of memories, right? XD

Dolls are good, I still love them lol. Nacho is keeping me company here and stealing my mums tin cars and scooters. I also cut off all my hair. I think that' about the most exciting thing to happen in the last few months lol.

Anyhew, I'm off to try and sleep. Hope you guys are doing well!
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