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More piercings

I want to say sorry for being so absent lately, but I'm not at all sorry. My life hasn't been 'happier' but it's definitely easier to deal with. I feel much more peaceful. Without the doll community to deal with, I feel as though I can finally sit back and enjoy my hobby. I do miss you guys though. There's a way to balance myself, and I'm in the midst of finding out how.

I've sold a lot of dolls and bought a few new ones. I sold Imja, Dak, Ruok, and little Reuben, and I'm still trying to sell my Keid Ara. I have an Elfdoll June, a Soon Syen, and a Oasisdoll Linglan. Still waiting on those last two. Really love my June, though she needs a wig and a faceup.

I love living in the house we're in now. It's awesome. I feel like getting out of that old unit was the best thing we could have done. It was fucking poison.

I'm not having a fun time as far as The Breakup goes. I'll leave it at that.

I need to catch up with people. I have a car and make no effort. I'm a slack friend.

I'm trying to get my life back on track. My terrible eating habits are behind me and I'm determined to keep them that way. I can't fall back into that hole, even if it gives me what I want... what I want isn't often what's best for me. I am perfectly attractive the way I am. It's just a matter of being healthy, and maintaining that health. I will never, ever, however, give up my peanut M&Ms.

Piercings: (because it needs a separate thinger)
I got my left side inner conch done last night. The right one will happen when I can sleep comfortably on my left side. It hurt like a bitch, hands down my most painful. Felt like a punch in the ear. Looks cute though, I like it a lot. Out of the different piercers I've been to, this one was by far the best. He knew his shit, and I felt really comfortable.

Lobe-wise, a few more weeks and I can stretch up to 8mm, and then to 10mm. That's as big as I'll go. I liked Ash's when she was at 10mm. I might do it one at a time, I like being able to sleep without hurting myself. Going from 4 to 6 was a shit, but hopefully it'll be a bit better if I go a bit slower. Good work, Aeryn

Anyhew, I hope you're all doing well <3 Gonna go meet Mon now and see a movie with some cool kids.

Nacho says HI 83

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