Just a quick note ^^

So, a bit of news... Due to my state of illness (I don't want to call it anything until the specialist gives it the GO GO GADGET DIAGNOSIS) I'm in Adelaide until the 4th of June, and I'll be moving here for a few months mid-July.

I don't know how long I'll be, plan is to get better and do some kind of makeup course and then be back to Melbourne. I don't know how long that will take, but I'm aiming for the start of next year.

It's a shit and I am really not feeling great about it. BUT... It's necessary, I can't afford to live by myself since I've lost my job due to said illness. I'm turning it into something I can work with. It's a chance to build things up without having to worry about rent and bills. I've been financially whipped and by fucking god I am never treating money that way again. My parents are really helping me and this is what I need most, regardless of what I'm missing or wishing for.

I really want to have some kind of goodbye dinner or lunch or something so I can see everyone before I go. If you guys are cool with that I can try and pick a date and place (it'll probably be vegetarian/vegan since I can't eat most stuff on a typical menu, and I know there are people who would appreciate that option too)
Anyone is welcome so long as I know you and all that jazz. It's not forever, but I'm not 100% sure when I'll be back.

So let me know if you're up for it. It'll be some time after the 4th of June. i'm happy to do several meetups if people can't make it. I love you guys and can't bear the thought of not saying something before I go, even if I've been pretty absent.

As for livejournal, I probably won't post here much. I'll keep it open obviously, years of memories, right? XD

Dolls are good, I still love them lol. Nacho is keeping me company here and stealing my mums tin cars and scooters. I also cut off all my hair. I think that' about the most exciting thing to happen in the last few months lol.

Anyhew, I'm off to try and sleep. Hope you guys are doing well!
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Strange faced stranger

So I ordered this head to replace my Linglan as 'the girl' in my collection. Ideally as Tate, but y'all should know how fussy I am with her.

She's got a strange face in a good way. reminds me of a narae.


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Dunno how she looks with Hayden or with other wigs or eyes so much. Name suggestions are most welcome.


If anyone is interested in a lovelyhouse Shincho, please email me an offer at hiritai@gmail.com. I've been getting emails and PMs about him for a while now and I'm not quite sure how to go about it.

The Lovelyhouse body does not sit. He's got mods to his thigh joints, that is I've dremeled to make his thigh joint spaces longer to allow the elastic to move further, but his actual hip joints need to be modded for this to be more effective. I can provide pics, but he's unassembled and I don't have the energy to assemble him. He'd also be sent unassembled, because I also don't have a box long enough. Includeds magnetic elf ears and human ears.
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Anyone in/around Melbourne want a free photoshoot? Negotiable to the extreme, and I have my own transport. If you have kids you want some photos of, even better! (not because I like to eat children, but because I would love to do child photography - kids are mad and so am I)

I need to get my portfolio moving again, and I'm totally willing to be your metaphorical photography slave.


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I am selling a few dolls and doll things:

Volks Olivia elf mod (head) (Karsa)
Soom Syen on Fairyland LTF body (Syen horns and hands included) (Bart)
Lovelyhouse boy body (possibly a whole Shincho, I dunno yet) (Marya/Misha)
Oasisdoll Linglan (head or whole doll, not sure yet)
Soom Monzo horns (magnets included)
Soom Amber horns and tail (magnets included)
Soom Coquina outfit (skirt/bodice/cloak)

If anyone wants dibs, lemme know and I'll give you a price. I'm flexible with layaway. Not really looking to trade as the idea is to lessen my collection to my absolute favourites.

Ugh, I have soooooo much I need to sell.
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Dead computer

Just letting you know my computer isn't turning on, so I can only check the net at work. Hopefully Ben can get Toshiba to look at it later next week.
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Scarlett is a red

So I'ma just delete last night's entry and start with a few more photos.

Scarlett, the jazz fiend and vampire queen. I did her faceup late last night, and while it's a bit messy I'm really happy to get exactly what I wanted from her. June is a beautiful mold and I've wanted one for years to do exactly this. I am stoked ;0;

Miss Otis regrets, she's unable to lunch today, madam,
Miss Otis regrets, she's unable to lunch today.
She is sorry to be delayed,
but last evening down in Lover's Lane she strayed, madam,
Miss Otis regrets, she's unable to lunch today.

When she woke up and found that her dream of love was gone, madam,
She ran to the man who had led her so far astray,
And from under her velvet gown,
She drew a gun and shot her love down, madam,
Miss Otis regrets, she's unable to lunch today.

When the mob came and got her and dragged her from the jail, madam,
They strung her upon the old willow across the way,
And the moment before she died,
She lifted up her lovely head and cried, madam...
Miss Otis regrets, she's unable to lunch today.

Miss Otis regrets, she's unable to lunch today

Miss Otis Regrets - Ethel Waters


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Thanks for looking <3

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More piercings

I want to say sorry for being so absent lately, but I'm not at all sorry. My life hasn't been 'happier' but it's definitely easier to deal with. I feel much more peaceful. Without the doll community to deal with, I feel as though I can finally sit back and enjoy my hobby. I do miss you guys though. There's a way to balance myself, and I'm in the midst of finding out how.

I've sold a lot of dolls and bought a few new ones. I sold Imja, Dak, Ruok, and little Reuben, and I'm still trying to sell my Keid Ara. I have an Elfdoll June, a Soon Syen, and a Oasisdoll Linglan. Still waiting on those last two. Really love my June, though she needs a wig and a faceup.

I love living in the house we're in now. It's awesome. I feel like getting out of that old unit was the best thing we could have done. It was fucking poison.

I'm not having a fun time as far as The Breakup goes. I'll leave it at that.

I need to catch up with people. I have a car and make no effort. I'm a slack friend.

I'm trying to get my life back on track. My terrible eating habits are behind me and I'm determined to keep them that way. I can't fall back into that hole, even if it gives me what I want... what I want isn't often what's best for me. I am perfectly attractive the way I am. It's just a matter of being healthy, and maintaining that health. I will never, ever, however, give up my peanut M&Ms.

Piercings: (because it needs a separate thinger)
I got my left side inner conch done last night. The right one will happen when I can sleep comfortably on my left side. It hurt like a bitch, hands down my most painful. Felt like a punch in the ear. Looks cute though, I like it a lot. Out of the different piercers I've been to, this one was by far the best. He knew his shit, and I felt really comfortable.

Lobe-wise, a few more weeks and I can stretch up to 8mm, and then to 10mm. That's as big as I'll go. I liked Ash's when she was at 10mm. I might do it one at a time, I like being able to sleep without hurting myself. Going from 4 to 6 was a shit, but hopefully it'll be a bit better if I go a bit slower. Good work, Aeryn

Anyhew, I hope you're all doing well <3 Gonna go meet Mon now and see a movie with some cool kids.

Nacho says HI 83


more piercings

I got a (my!) labret piercing today.  Wearing my wig because I can't be fuggled to do my hair. I've been really timid about getting this done and it was kind of on a whim, but I'm glad I got it.  It didn't hurt much, and it wasn't that weird feeling when I got my nose done for the first time... with the uncontrollably tears and the sinus-y iritation. But unlike my nose, it does keep hurting after. Not used to that.

We tried to position it so as to minimize any irritation to my teeth and gums, but if I smile I can feel it pressing against my gums. Ah well, we'll see how it goes.

When I got my nose done, I'd look in the mirror and it was quite distracting. I look in the mirror with this one and I barely notice it. Which is good. I still want a smaller ball, but that'll have to wait another few months. As far as facial piercings go, I think this is it. ONTO THE TATTOOS.

(Ash took this, I like it. NICE LIGHT, ASH. EIFFEL TOWER!)

Some other really good news is that we managed to get a house! Not only that, but a house we wanted. FEELS GOOD.

It's got three bedrooms, a dining room, a family room, and a lounge room. Plenty of space for the three of us. We move in over the weekend, somehow. I'm working til late afternoon and so I'll have to pack shit up before so they can get the bed and shelf out. I can take most of our stuff over in my car, so at least we have that option now. Just the big stuff we have to worry about. Probably gonna hire a truck.

Anyhew, day off. I'm wondering if I should go in and have a coffee, and read at a cafe or something. Maybe I'll take some photos. It's a bit rainy. I DUNNO. EFFORT POISONS ME.
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